Infitech carries a complete line of Tablets. Here are our top offerings:

HTC Flyer

Supreme note taking

HTC Flyer makes sure you capture everything with HTC Notes. You can add scribbles, photos and sound to your detailed notes. Link your notes to events in your calendar and your calendar transforms into a multimedia archive of your past meetings or events. And with Timemark, you can tap on any moment from your meeting and hear the audio you recorded, so you never have to struggle with deciphering the notes you took.





Asus Prime

Breaking free from the normal constraints of a device through constant innovation, the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime is the perfect example of what a tablet should be. The feature that gives the Eee Pad Transformer Prime its name, the mobile docking station, gives a whole new meaning to the term Paired for Perfection.

The new Eee Pad Transformer Prime is mind-blowingly slim and light weight and with a beautiful metallic spun finished design. In fact, it is the slimmest tablet on the market yet, only 0.33″ thin and 1.29lbs light. You can easily carry it with you no matter where you go.